Stranger Things Spin-Offs: Pitching From The Upside Down

Stranger Things Spin-Offs logo by Oddball Times

We have a couple of years to wait for the final season of Stranger Things, but in the meantime we can console ourselves with the fact that there’ll be a spin-off show. But what will that look like you ask? Forget what Finn Wolfhard supposedly guessed, here’s our very own amazing set of ideas, and if any of them get made, we want credit and coinage goddamn it! We’re watching you Duffer Brothers and Shawn Levy…

Stranger Things Yuri spin-off

Picture a Russian Chip-N-Dale Rescue Rangers or Yogi’s Treasure Hunt but live action.

Stranger Things Martin Brenner spin-off

A sinister version of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood with Martin Brenner.

Stranger Things spin-off with Steve and Robin

“Scoops Ahoy!” (season one) and “Family Video” (season two): basically Clerks but with Steve Harrington & Robin Buckley).

Stranger Things Argyle spin-off

A complete and total rip-off of Cheech & Chong starring dude-arinos Jonathan and Argyle.

Stranger Things Hellfire Club spin-off

A prequel. Essentially The Breakfast Club with lots of D&D.

Stranger Things Eleven spin-off

The Fury or Scanners but nowhere near as good.

Stranger Things Nancy Wheeler spin-off

Basically The Secret Of My Success but with journalism and Nancy Wheeler.

Stranger Things Murray Bauman spin-off

Murray goes through various conspiracies on his notice board with a laser pointer. A comedy documentary.

Stranger Things Erica spin-off

A patriotic conservative history lesson of the U S of A with Erica Sinclair.

Stranger Things Jim Hopper spin-off

A one-off monologue by Jim Hopper. Poignant. Moving. Talking Heads meets First Blood.

Stranger Things Joyce Byers spin-off

A Christmas Special and an all-important origin story for Joyce Byers’ lights in season one.

Stranger Things Dustin spin-off

Kinda like Short Circuit’s Ben Jabituya but no need for the whitewashing this time.

Stranger Things Lucas spin-off

Not quite Steve Urkel and not exactly the Harlem Globetrotters but since it’s the 80’s we’ve gotta reference something stereotypical, right?

Stranger Things Mike Wheeler spin-off

Mike Wheeler gives us gift ideas on a super-tight budget.

Stranger Things Will Byers spin-off

Paranormal investigating with the help of the back of Will Byers’ neck

Stranger Things Max spin-off

Err, basically the title.

Stranger Things Billy spin-off

In the vein of This Old House With Steve And Norm but with cars… and from beyond the grave I suppose.

Stranger Things spin-off with Karen Wheeler

How Karen Wheeler got her beach bod prior to season 3. With exercise instructions similar to the Jane Fonda Workout.

Stranger Things prequel spin-off with Benny

How chef Benny Hammond started his business for anyone who’s interested.

Stranger Things Hawkins Power And Light spin-off

An oddball comedy where a couple of “Hawkins Power And Light” workers drive around in their van thinking they’re working for a legitimate utilities company, oblivious to what’s going on around them.

Stranger Things Eddie Munson spin-off

Eddie Munson, now a ghost, haunts and pranks jocks at his school.

Stranger Things Suzie Bingham spin-off

An action thriller where Suzie and her entire family get embroiled in a dial-up hacking scandal involving the NSA. You’re looking at a $200,000,000 budget for this one Netflix, but you guys are used to that.

…or you could always make 002 to 010 origin stories, or maybe a show about the characters as adults set in the present day, but all that would suck ass!!! 😜

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