The Incredible Casting Crew: Waleed Zuaiter As Jimmy Dore

A movie poster for a Jimmy Dore monologue starring Waleed Zuaiter by Oddball Times

Our big-budget blockbuster about Rich Hall never got green-lit so how about this smaller-scale movie? The Incredible Casting Crew today pitches a dramedy, an Alan Bennett-style monologue performed by Gangs Of London star Waleed Zuaiter. Waleed plays pothead comedian Jimmy Dore who after being vaccine injured begins to rail against the official Covid narrative. Dore goes about proving that all those involved from the President’s Chief Medical Advisor to various news anchors are complicit in a global Big Pharma and government conspiracy the likes of which has never been seen in our lifetime (or on-screen).

This Jimmy Dore movie could potentially star Jonah Hill as Kurt Metzger, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Joe Rogan, Armie Hammer as Jackson Hinkle and Olivia Coleman as Stefane Zamorano, but we think it would work much better as a one-man show. With that in mind, this film’s budget is minuscule, so c’mon Hollywood, what’s stopping you putting this one into production? It couldn’t possibly be the plot could it?

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