A cartoon image of Harvey Weinstein showering nude. By Oddball Times

Harvey Weinstein: Big Pimping

Harvey Weinstein sitting atop the Hollywood Tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G (plus harassment, sexual assault, and rape, allegedly) Everyone on the lower branches gave him way too many chances They ignored or covered up his unwanted sexual advances This was something actresses had to get used ta All 'cause he was a hot shot producer What that means … Continue reading Harvey Weinstein: Big Pimping

A picture of Jeremy Corbyn with muscles to illustrate his fan's perception of him. By Oddball Times

Jeremy Corbyn Will Fix Everything

Jeremy Corbyn will fix everything It's not just me fawning Jeremy Corbyn will sort everything He's gonna reverse global warming Jeremy Corbyn will end hunger, death, and disease He's gonna bring peace to all the middle east Jeremy Corbyn will fix everything I'm not being sycophantic Jeremy Corbyn will save lives From the Pacific to … Continue reading Jeremy Corbyn Will Fix Everything