An image of a man generating energy from his stress at hearing the news of energy price increases. By Oddball Times

Energy Price Hikes: Harnessing The Power

The recent news that energy prices are increasing yet again has lead to feelings of anger which luckily can now be harnessed to power our electronic devices! By wearing this new anger-powered device known as the Stresslectro you can convert your loathing, anger, stress, and despair into electricity. This electricity can then be used to … Continue reading Energy Price Hikes: Harnessing The Power

A cartoon picture of HAL from 2001, WOPR from WarGames, and an Amazon Echo referencing the Cleese, Barker, and Corbett Class Sketch. By Oddball Times

Smart Speakers: I Know My Place

Today I called out... “Alexa, play Demon Seed and tell me the dictionary definition of irony” …my Amazon Echo didn't answer. Maybe because it didn't understand the command or maybe because I was attempting a Scottish-Punjabi accent, maybe it was because I'd just ingested helium, or maybe because I'd forgotten that I actually have a … Continue reading Smart Speakers: I Know My Place