Here’s a complete index of satirical articles!


80s & 90s Radio: Absolutely Not What I Was Listening To


A Bit Of Bluey: The Tory Leadership Race

Acting Is Acting And Actors Are Actors: A Guide To Hollywood Casting For Minorities

Afro Puff, Puff, Pass: Looking Back At Roberta Flack’s Headphones


Back When You Could Leave Your Front Door Unlocked

Behind The Lyrics: Needed Time By YXNG Bane

Behind The Lyrics: Old Town Road By Lil Nas X

Behind The Lyrics: Tiny Dancer By Elton John

Behind The Lyrics: ZEZE By Kodak Black

Beware Of Dyson’cs Creations: Predictions Of Our Future In Terminator 2

Beyoncé: To Bee Or Not To Bee?

Bill Gates: Control, Alt, Delete

Brushing Thoroughly With Colgate’s Complete Range Of Toothpastes


Celebrity Clone Lab

Celebrity Gene Splicing

Christopher Wallace Is Trying To Out-Fox Us All

Cultural Appropriation Month: Black Superheroes

Cutting Your Intake By Half: How The Government Plans To Further Reduce Sugar And Salt


Dangerous Weapons Don’t Kill People, Dangerous People Do

Donald J. Trump: What It’s Like Being On Top


Eclipse: Fun For Humans, Not So Fun For Werewolves

Energy Price Hikes: Harnessing The Power

Exit Stage Left Or Brexit Stage Right: What Is The Correct Position?


Far From The Maddening Crowd: My Interview With Tom Hardy

Fast Food Slogans: Catchy Tag Lines, Horrible Truth

From Swots To S.W.A.T.: The Obvious Solution To Prevent School Shootings


Gaining Carnal Knowledge: The Art Of Seduction In Japan With The Help Of Yakult

Gammon: Getting To The Bottom Of Things

Great British Mix-Up: Paul Hollywood’s Long Lost Brothers

Greenlit: A Big-Budget Andy Serkis Biopic


Harvey Weinstein: Big Pimpin’

Harvey Weinstein’s  Secret Therapy: What It’s Like Being A Woman


If You Go Down In The Woods Today: En-Route To The Bilderberg Group

Immigration: Our Country Is No Longer Ours

In A Sticky Situation: Gorilla Tape Advertising Idea


Jeremy Corbyn Will Fix Everything


Kim Kardashian: Behind The Fame



Mandela Effect: Proof That The Winnie Mandela Effect Is Real

May Contain Nutjobs: The Origins Of Halloween

My Annual Tree: A Christmas Tradition


New Emperor: News From The Imperial Palace

No Justice, No Hairpiece: A Subliminal Image Of Donald Trump


Oh Dairy, Dairy Me: New Breastfeeding Solidarity Laws

On The Advertising Game: How Much For An Oral-B?


Phony Proverbs: There’s No Smoke Without Fire

Pilkington K. Grass: Karl Pilkington’s Tennis Playing Disguise

Pokémon Detective Pikachu: A Load Of Bull

Poppy Fascism Has Spread!

Prince Harry To Marry: How To Nuptially Offset And Omit Racism From History

Prince: Telling Little Purple Lies

Product Idea: Colin Kaepernick Knee Pads



Review Rewind: Invisible Touch By Genesis

Review Rewind: Purple Rain By Prince

Review Rewind: Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band By The Beatles


Sipping Lean In 2017: It’s Not A Good Look Being A Codeine Fiend

Skinny Jeans Effect: Proof That Tight Legwear Restricts Creativity In Music

Smart Speakers: I Know My Place

Soft Drinks Have Gone Soft: Why There’s Nothing Sweet About Artificial Sweeteners

Subliminal Advertising For Adidas Knockoffs Goes National


Targeting The Pink Pound: Kinky Reboots

Terrorism’s Decline: A Prediction Of Future Terror

Theresa May: Democracy May Never Have Existed

Tie-In Product Idea: John Wick And Air Wick

Tom Cruise And Suri Cruise: Mistaken A.I.dentity

Two Turnpikes And A Microphone: How Hip-Hop Musicians Are Embracing Roads And Motorways




Watts: What Are They? A History Of Speaker Wattage

What My TV Told Me Today: The Health Benefits Of Alcohol

Who’s That Fat Intruder?



Yorkshire Bank: Being Penny-Wise